Seismics prospecting methods are the most widely used as geophysical techniques. These methods provide plenty of information about the geological structures (their formation and evolution), type of materials plates drift, location and estimation of natural resources (minerals, energy, water, ...). They are an essential tool to understand the internal structure of the Earth’s crust and the tectonic processes that affect it.


These types of survey methods are very versatile. Depending on configuration and design of the experiment these allow studying with high resolution the first meters of upper shallow layers or promote a high kilometric penetration into the bottom. Therefore, there is a wide range of configurations and equipment options to achieve a very diverse range of objectives.

Marine seismic consists basically of the following equipment:

  • Power source (provides a pulse of acoustic energy).
  • Acquisition and Control Systems (operate and set deployed equipment, record the signals reflected and/or refracted by the seabed).
  • Processing Systems (algorithms and mathematical process applied to the raw data for analysis and clear/help geological interpretation).


From late 2008 CSIC acquired a modern marine seismic surveys system. Since then, the Marine Technology Unit (UTM) has made great efforts to set, complete, improve, upgrade and tune all these marine seismic techniques. UTM is responsible for the installation, operation, maintenance and improvement of these devices as well as the development of techniques for marine seismic prospecting. In addition, the Seismic Department provides scientific and technical continuous support and advice to the scientific community that develops its activity in the field of Marine Geology and Geophysics. This Department's main objective is to set the best performance of all devices and elements involved in this discipline; define settings according to the scope of wok, configure acquisition and control systems for seismic surveys to finally perform real time quality control of the acquired data. 
Even we usually offer our services in Spanish vessels, also we carry out seismic surveys for any other nationality vessels with official convention or agreement.

A thorough overview of the current available equipment in the Resources section is recommended. In order to help you to properly select the Seismic Scenery to be load on board and deployed, please fill the Application section of this Department.

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