Analog & Digital HRS

Basically it is composed by a power source and a streamer with one single hydrophones group, forming a single trace (acquisition and control systems I). These systems are designed for high resolution horizontal and vertical profiles, with low penetration.

The Navigation system helps for planning the survey in the desired direction according to geological and techtonical structures and it integrates each different vessel sensors. 





Multichannel Control and Acquisition System

It consists basically of a power energy source and a Streamer composed by consecutive channels (sum of signal of each hydrophones group). Two options to get the digital data, one option is to digitize the signal in the streamer and recorded on board, second is analogue streamer with a digitizer on board. Control and Acquisition systems are complex, as there are many auxiliary devices linked to the control and positioning of a long streamer. The characteristics of the seismic source, log settings and streamer length and depth should be adjusted to the objectives of the project in order to optimize resolution, times and operations. The Navigation System helps to plan the survey in the direction desired by geological structures, it integrates the different vessel sensors and it is essential to restore geometry.

Also it is important and necessary to provide a complete service:

  • Timing Synchronization Server
  • Quality Control and Planning Systems
  • Processing Systems