Mission and Objetives

The UTM is in charge of the logistics and technological management of three Singular Scientific-Technical Installations: the BIO Hespérides, the R/V Sarmiento de Gamboa, and the BAE Juan Carlos I, and the integral management of the R/V García del Cid and the R/V Mytilus.

In this way it enables the realization of different research projects promoted by the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation, European projects and other international programs.

The fundamental objective of the UTM is to offer the scientific community the instrumentation and technological services necessary to carry out their projects and studies, committing to the use of the most innovative technologies in oceanographic research. To this end, the UTM is fully involved in Technological Development, innovation and the introduction of new technological solutions, to maintain excellence in the management of technological resources in research.

For this it provides the following services:

  • Management of scientific facilities in research vessels and polar installations
  • Technological, technical and logistical assistance in oceanographic campaigns and Antarctic bases
  • Operation, maintenance and calibration of scientific and technological instrumentation
  • Acquisition, storage and quality control of data from scientific campaigns
  • Technological development in the marine and polar area
  • Technological consulting in projects related to scientific vessels and polar installations