Marine Technology Unit

The Marine Technology Unit (UTM) -accredited to the Mediterranean Center for Marine and Environmental Research (CMIMA) of the Natural Resources Area of ​​the State Agency CSIC- has as its fundamental objective to provide support to the national R & D & I policy in science and marine and polar technology.

The UTM is in charge of the integral management of the Oceanographic Ship (R/V) Sarmiento de Gamboa, of the logistics and technological management of the Oceanographic Research Ship (BIO) Hespérides and of the integral management of the Oceanographic Ship (R/V) García del Cid, of the Oceanographic Ship (R/V) Mytilus and of the Spanish Antarctic Station SAS Juan Carlos I.

BIO Hespérides, B / O Sarmiento de Gamboa and BAE Juan Carlos I are Singular Scientific-Technical Facilities (ICTS).

The UTM since 2013 is part of FLOTPOL, the infrastructure that integrates the resources provided by the Maritime Technology Unit of the CSIC and the Vessels and Campaigns Unit of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO).





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