Scientific-Technical Facilities

The UTM is responsible for the management, maintenance and improvement of facilities and equipment related to the research activity in oceanographic vessels and polar bases.


Sarmiento de Gamboa




García del Cid




Juan Carlos I


On the other hand, the UTM is a member of various consortiums and international groups of instrumentation managers, scientific vessels and polar infrastructures. It also maintains relationships with various national and international institutions through collaboration agreements. These circumstances make it possible for the UTM to provide additional support to other national and foreign platforms.


Main Characteristics of the Research Vessels


Vessel Lenght Width Crew Nº Scient. y Tech. Total Capacityt
Sarmiento de Gamboa 70,50 m  15,50 m. 16 25 41
Hespérides 82,5 m 14,3 m 55 37 92
García del Cid 37,2 m 8,4 m 14 12 26
Mytilus 24 m 5,80 m 10 15 25