Description of AUV

General specifications



The vehicles are based on the Oceanserver Iver2-580-EP35 model with the following common specifications:                

  • Shape: Tubular – torpedo.                
  • Size: 140 x 15 cm             
  • Weight (in air): 21 kg + sensors            
  • Maximum operating depth: 100 m (in standard configuration).            
  • Autonomy: 8+ hours (600 W/h batt) at 2 knots.               
  • Communications: WiFi.               
  • Navigation: GPS, DVL.              
  • Processors: 2 x CPUs based on Atom processor (one dedicated to future expansions with 8 USB ports and 16 serial ports), including API for interface with the main processor.              
  • Memory: 2 x solid state hard drives (60Gb)             
  • Ports: 3 Ports accessible in the hull to install additional instrumentation and interior space for 3 PC-104 boards              
  • Operability: Launch and recovery by a single man from small boats or coast.              
  • Security: Safety airbag           

   Both vehicles have the capacity to incorporate additional sensors


Image / Development Configuration

This vehicle is intended for the integration and testing of new developments as well as the realization of missions with cameras and sidescan sonar




  • Sensors: ADCP / DVL (4 beams (down) / 1 altimeter), Image / video cameras with LED, Sidescan Sonar (330 / 800Khz)
  • Communications: WiFi    
  • Navigation: GPS (WAAS )

Ecomapper Configuration

Vehicle for the control of water quality. High resolution sampling in shallow waters (coastal and inland)

  • Sensors: YSI 6600 multiparameter sensor: Conductivity, Depth, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorophyll, pH / ORP, Turbidity, ADCP / DVL (up / down / altimeter)
  • Communications: WiFi
  • Navigation: GPS (EGNOS/WAAS)
  • Maximum depth: 200 m.