FEDER 2013

Satellite communications via Ku Band  - B/O García del Cid - CSIC13-1E-1560
ECDISelectronic charts - B/O Sarmiento de Gamboa - CSIC13-1E-2584
MARPORT  depth, distance, temperature and inclination sensors for towed equipment from ships and for fishing nets.   - B/O Sarmiento de Gamboa - CSIC13-1E-2607
Inertial positioning sensor update  - B/O Sarmiento de Gamboa - CSIC13-1E-2630
Real-time data transmission system for digital sensors and equipment and video signals - B/O Sarmiento de Gamboa - CSIC13-1E-2636

FEDER 2015

Renovation of the deck equipment  -B/O Sarmiento de Gamboa - CSIC15-DE-3494

Crecimiento_Inteligente ICTS 2017_16 CSIC 3_2016

Seismic electric source type sparker ( Sparker  + Far field streamer )
Seismic compressors ( compressors )
Underwater acoustic equipment ( Acoustic synchronization unit + USBL submarine positioning system )
Laboratory instrumentation ( Flow cytometer + Spectrophotometer + Vacuum pumps (x2) )
Sediment sampling equipment ( Lateral A Frame + Electric Corer + Piston Corer , Gravity Corer y VibraCorer )
Oceanographic instrumentation ( Carousel water sampler + Calibration bath , Workhose Sentinel 300khz ADCP Super thermometer 2 reference standards )
Geophysical equipment ( Description , Traction wire , positioning receivers , SSAS , Adquisition , streamer Attachment , Pos./Estab.NAUTILUS System , Comunication streamer Ring + RTKNav, R20(V4.00) GPS S/W Kit )

FEDER 2018 

Updating of rescue and safety equipment for certification within the Polar code -B/O Sarmiento de Gamboa - EQC2018-004477-P
Updating and improvement of acoustic equipment -B/O Sarmiento de Gamboa - node RI Fleet-Csic - EQC2018-004555-P
Autonomous submarine vehicle for medium depth waters -B/O S.G node RI Fleet-Csic - EQC2018-004559-P
Oceanographic sampling equipment  Fleet ICTS.-B/O S.G node RI Fleet-Csic - EQC2018-004569-P

FEDER 2019

Renewal of cables and machinery for the installation of cables -B/O Sarmiento de Gamboa - EQC2019-005856-P 
Supply and Installation of an Acoustic Probe for Profiling of the High Resolution Marine Subsoil -B/O Sarmiento de Gamboa - EQC2019-005857-P